Cleaning and other tasks done for pleasure 


12. – 14. 4. 2019

Private View: Fri., 12. April 2019 von 7 - 10 pm 
Opening Hours: Sat., 13. April and Sun., 14. April 3 -5 pm



nachtspeicher23 e.V.
Lindenstr. 23
20099 Hamburg


Insect corpses, toenails, gold tinsel, dust, cleaners and off-space activists - agents of the art world are scenically connected and played off against each other. Cleaning And Other Tasks Done For Pleasure - A conglomerate of materials and gestures about cleaning up art spaces: micro-tasking, self-help groups and forced professionalization in the art establishment - a neoliberal staging about values and appreciation in the art establishment.

Cleaning, unpaid Labour of Love, or gainful employment that secures one's existence? Who actually cleans up the art business? Cleaning is an aesthetic occupation based on perception and "good" taste. In the age of Cleaning Hacks, tidying up mutates into curating - precarious employment relationships and late-capitalist bull-shit jobs dissolve the connection between meaningfulness, appreciation and reward. 

Krom's art is a commentary on the aesthetic consequences of economic constraints. Only 4% of the artists living in Germany can make a good living from their work, 20% cover their costs, the remaining 76% pay to be allowed to engage in artistic activities. Krom humorously comments on the working and production conditions in the art world, in which she makes otherwise invisible structures tangible and lets them work for her. In Cleaning And Other Tasks Done For Pleasure, she uses the employees of the art establishment as material for her performative installation.


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