Line Krom
lives and works in Frankfurt am Main.

Line Krom deals with the working conditions of art and culture workers. She tests the impact of economic pressure (flexibility, austerity measures, precariousness) on the traditional materials of art. Her work highlights the outsized, leftovers and unhonoured activities, autonomous and resistent structures and the inefficiency of austerity measures.


Krom studied drawing at the University of the Arts in London, and "Art as Social Practice" at the Goethe University in Frankfurt and the University of the Arts in Berlin. She received scholarships for the Center for Drawing London, the Center for Contemporary Art Kitakyushu and was awarded the Jerwood Drawing Prize. Her work was presented internationally. On the L. A. Art Book Fair (2016), the Bronx Art Space, NY (2013), the CCA Kitakyushu (2010) and the Jerwood Space London (2008). Since 2014, Krom has lectured at various universities, for instance at the Goethe University Frankfurt and at the University of Darmstadt.