April 2018


Klosterpresse e. V.  

Paradiesgasse 10

60584 Frankfurt/M.


Rumpy Bees & Pumpy Blooms

Places, pictures, sexualities, generations.

Katherine Araniello (GB), Eugen El (D), Sarah Gillham (GB), Norman Hildebrandt (D), Henry Hussey (GB), Wolfgang Klee (D), Line Krom (D), Björn Larsson and Carl Johan Erikson (S), Fall Karin Lindholm (S), Mindy Lee (GB), Erhard Paul Meier (DK), Astrid Stricker (D), Emma Talbot (GB), XSexcentenary (GB)

Curated by Aline von der Assen


Opening 20. April 2018 at 19 o’clock 

Duration of the exhibtion 21. – 29. April 2018

The exhibition Rumpy Bees & Pumpy Blooms focuses on sexuality and gender. Generations and locations shape images of sexuality. Sexuality as the essence of human life, points far beyond the private sphere. Sexuality impacts both on our personal lives and politics. Each and every one of us needs a position in regard to questions of gender, sexual identity, order, censorship, freedom and power, and to renegotiate these positions over the course of our lives.

Art allows us to portray realities of life and subjective practices, to give space to fantasies and to bring them into reality. The works presented in the group exhibition combine different ideas of sexual meaning into a field of new emotional, political and historical angles.

Klosterpresse e. V. 
Paradiesgasse 10
60584 Frankfurt/M. 

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Friday 20. April 2018 at 7 pm

Introduction by the curator Aline von der Assen


Saturday 21. 4., 19 – 21 

Artist Talk: Björn Larsson and Carl Johan Erikson


Sunday 22. 4., 15 – 17

Reading group with the artist Eva Claudia Nuovia


Friday 27. 4 , 19 – 21 

Artist Talk: Line Krom


Saturday 28. 4, 20 – 22  

Détournement with the artist Erhard Paul Meier


Sonntag 29. 4, 15 – 17 Uhr 

Artist Lina Lätitia Blatt in Conversation with the curator Aline von der Assen